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SmartDocs Transcription Service

How do I use SmartDocs transcription services?

Call SmartDocs to speak with a customer service representative, or fill in our online enquiry form to be contacted within two hours during business hours. Your audio file is uploaded through the SmartDocs website, accessed by one of the skilled typists and you are notified as soon as your transcript is ready. An invoice is issued with a 14-day payment terms.

Our existing clientele are able to access our services 24/7 through this system.

When will my transcription be ready?

When submitting your transcription request, you can specify your needs for the time frame turnaround. SmartDocs customer service can arrange for your documents to be ready in 24 hour, 48 hour or longer deadlines according to your budget and project needs.

How do I access my transcribed file?

SmartDocs stores your transcription online through their website, where you can log in to the SmartDocs website to view your piece for a minimum of six months. This allows flexible remote access to your document, where you can download at your convenience.

What kinds of businesses use SmartDocs?

General transcriptions can be useful for many kinds of professions; such as those requiring transcribed interviews for academic and market research purposes, or minute taking from teleconferences and seminars. General transcriptions can be arranged through SmartDocs on a project basis, or as an ongoing agreement.

What legal transcriptions service is available?

SmartDocs has a team of highly skilled typists who are experienced in all kinds of legal transcriptions services - such as the transcription of affidavits, interviews and court hearings. Their professionalism when dealing with complex legal transcriptions and client details is paramount and is of the highest quality.

SmartDocs is the leading provider of time effective, quality audio transcription services and skilled virtual typists for professionals. Based in Hobart, and pioneers of online transcription service since 2002, SmartDocs has the solutions you need delivered on time, at the right price, with efficiency and reliability.

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Our Transcription Services

With a convenient online submission system that provides typists who are highly skilled in producing accurate legal transcriptions and general transcriptions, SmartDocs is the solution to your communication needs.

Widely used by academics, lawyers, consultants, market researchers, multi nationals and government departments, SmartDocs provides you with a reliable and accurate transcription service and premier customer service.

SmartDocs has an easy uploading process and flexible options for document turnaround. Choosing SmartDocs for your audio typing needs mean investing in quality services and results. Your transcription is delivered on time, in Word format, and with no extra charge for weekends or public holidays. SmartDocs is the adaptable choice for your needs.

SmartDocs provides transcripts compatible with NVivo qualitative research software.

SmartDocs also provides time coded transcripts.

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